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home based child care

Is Opening a Home Child Care Program Right for Me?

Montana families are in desperate need of more quality child care providers.  Parents are looking for Early Childhood Educators within their own communities, who will teach, nurture, and protect their children while they are working, providers who care about children and put safety first. Is this you?


This checklist will help you think about the reasons why you want to become a child care provider, and how this decision might impact you and your family.

If you said “No” or “Unsure” to some of these items, contact your local R&R.  Experts are available to answer questions.


If you said “Yes” to these items, you are probably ready for the next step in becoming a Home Child Care Provider, but you should also contact the experts at your local R&R.  Check out our Home Child Care Toolkit for your next steps!

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