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Our Mission and values

We support member organizations, advance the early childhood profession, and improve the quality, affordability, and accessibility of child care.


To us, leadership means amplifying voices that are not always heard.  It means acknowledging and working to dismantle power dynamics.  It means bringing people together.  It means being vulnerable and transparent as we work with others and support our communities. It means follow through.  It means grit.  Raise Montana is committed to demonstrating leadership that encompasses efficiency and stability. 



To us, innovation requires listening to and valuing the lived experiences of those we serve.  It means being willing to make mistakes and fail.  It means not only being responsive to, but celebrating feedback.  Innovation requires vulnerability as well as maintaining groundedness. Raise Montana is committed to demonstrating innovation through continuing our own learning, resourcefulness and adaptability. 


Inclusive Collaboration

To us, inclusive collaboration means practicing meaningful engagement with everyone we serve and with partners.  It means we listen to learn. It means creating spaces for ideas to be shared.  It means recognizing that not all perspectives have been historically or are currently recognized and working to actively dismantle those barriers and systems.  Raise Montana is committed to demonstrating inclusive collaboration. 



To us, authenticity means being transparent in our actions and decisions.  It means acting according to our values and our mission.  It means providing clear expectations and information.  It means being honest about our capacity and our outcomes.  Raise Montana is committed to demonstrating authenticity with as much transparency as is feasible. 


  • We educate policy makers, businesses, and the public on child care issues.

  • We advocate for child care professionals and families.


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Meet our team



Angie joined Raise Montana as the Executive Director in 2023. 


Angie was born and raised in north central Montana. She earned her undergraduate degree in English Education from Boise State University and her graduate degree in Administration from Rocky Mountain College. 


Angie has seen firsthand how access to quality early care and education directly benefits the child, the family, and the community as a whole.  


In her off time, Angie enjoys hiking with her dog, Addie, reading, and spending time with family and friends. 



Grey joined Raise Montana in 2020 as the Shared Services Coordinator.


Grey earned their undergraduate degrees in English and Social Work and their graduate degree in Social Work in their hometown of Missoula.  


Grey is dedicated to creating sustainable systems to better support child care providers and the families they serve.


Grey is a nerd at heart and loves reading, doing puzzles and spending time cozy at home with their wife and doggo, Keena. 



Valayna joined Raise Montana in 2022 as a University of Montana intern focused on  increasing the accessibility of trauma-informed approaches in Early Childhood. 

Valayna was born and raised in Missoula, Montana.  She is currently working towards her undergraduate degree in Neurology and plans to attend med school afterwards.  She is a member of the Franke Global Leadership Initiative with a focus on public health.  She believes that creating a healthier community starts with helping children and families.

Valayna spends her free time reading, knitting and going on adventures with her cats, Binx and Jinx.



Meghan first began working with Raise Montana in 2021 as a contractor.  She recently joined the team officially as a Project Specialist and assists with many behind the scenes tasks as well as hosting the seasonal book clubs. 


Meghan has worked with young children for roughly ten years. She holds both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Early Childhood Education. Her most recent job taking care of children is that of a Mom to four. Meghan is a born and raised Montanan and has been living in Missoula for the last ten years.


You can find Meghan and her family playing near local creeks and trails or cozied up at home watching Disney movies. If you ever want to find Meghan alone, check your nearest coffee shop! 



Hi! My name is Jacklynn Liles, I was born and raised in Montana. I am a mother of three and Director/Owner of Happy Feet Child Care in Miles City for the last 8 years. I enjoy spending time with my husband watching our children in a variety of activities such as softball, basketball, wrestling, football and boating as well as helping out on our families' ranches. I look forward to supporting Montana Child care providers in my new role as Sub Specialist.


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