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Child Care Management Software (CCMS)

Saving Child Care Providers Time and Money With Easy To Use Software


Past Program:
Brightwheel Partnership
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In 2022, Raise Montana partnered with Brightwheel to provide 50 Montana child care providers with a free premium Brightwheel license.

Brightwheel is a child care management system allows child care providers to:


  • Share updates, photos & videos with families 

  • Track daily reports

  • Automate billing & invoices

  • Streamline check-in and attendance for staff & students

  • Manage paperwork & admissions

  • & much more!


As a part of this partnership, Raise Montana can:


  • Support programs by uploading business and/or pedagogical resources

  • Manage operations on the back end, such a billing and payroll.

  • Offer personalized business and/or pedagogical mentoring

  • Use unidentifiable program data to advocate for the Montana ECE system 

  • Improve offerings of Montana Shared Services 

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