brightwheel Partnership

Saving Child Care Providers Time and Money With Easy To Use Software


What is the Partnership?

For a limited time, Raise MT is accepting applications for free access to the whole host of brightwheel services through August 2023!

Brightwheel is a child care management system allows child care providers to:


  • Share updates, photos & videos with families 

  • Track daily reports

  • Automate billing & invoices

  • Streamline check-in and attendance for staff & students

  • Manage paperwork & admissions

  • & much more!


As a part of this partnership, should you request support, Raise Montana can:


  • Support your program by uploading business and/or pedagogical resources

  • Manage operations on the back end, such a billing and payroll.

  • Offer personalized business and/or pedagogical mentoring

  • Use unidentifiable program data to advocate for the Montana ECE system 

  • Improve offerings of Montana Shared Services


Raise Montana will never:


  • Contact your families

  • Make changes without your permission

  • Share confidential information outside of Raise Montana

  • Access credit card financial information

Eligible only for Montana State or Tribal licensed programs.

Limited availability!  Sign up today!

Open to new and existing Brightwheel users!


Join the over 120 Montana child care providers who already use and love brightwheel! 


Manage attendance, billing, enrollment, learning plans, and parent communication – all from one easy-to-use child care app.

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