Trauma-Informed EC 

Supporting Trauma-Informed Care & Polices for
EC Organizations & Providers


Trauma-Informed EC Advisory Coalition 

The lifelong impacts of trauma on children and adults is widely known.  However, Montana organizations have not had access to affordable and comprehensive education on creating trauma-informed programs and policies in the Early Childhood field.  A group of Early Childhood advocates across Montana came together to address this need and formed the Montana Trauma-Informed Early Childhood  (MTTIEC) Advisory Coalition. 


MTTIEC seeks to coordinate and expand access to trauma-informed training and services for early childhood professionals throughout Montana.

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Current Training Offerings

​Administrators, directors and staff of:

  • Child care program (family, group or center)

    • ECP credit available​

  • Early Head Start or Head Start

  • Non-profit serving children  0-5

  • ECE advocacy organizations

Who Should attend trainings?

HOw are Trainings Scheduled?

Please click to fill out a short form to be connected to a local MTTIEC facilitator to attend a public training or host a training at your organization or program.​

Grandmother and Granddaughter

Why is Being
Trauma-informed important In EC?

For those who work with kids, families and staff who have experienced trauma, understanding and employing practices that resist re-traumatization constitutes an essential step toward helping to facilitate growth.