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Payroll Processing

Saving Child Care Providers Time and Money by Processing Payroll

We are partnering with ADP to save you time and money on payroll! Submit timecards to Raise Montana and we will do the rest!

  • Perfect for programs new to payroll or would like to change payroll systems

  • Pay only when you process payroll

  • Open to programs with 10 or fewer staff


Tell me more about ADP

ADP is a payroll management system that will allows you to:

  • Report New Employees to the state

  • Pay your employees

  • Calculate and withhold taxes

  • Make and reconcile tax deposits

  • Track and Record Sick Pay

  • Maintain auditable records for:

    • Workers’ Compensation

    • Healthcare tracking & compliance

    • IRS

    • EDD

    • Labor Board


ADP also offers staff retirement benefits that integrate with your payroll system!


After you purchase your payroll plan below, you will be prompted to fill out a Google form to gather all of the needed information to get your business set up.

Information You Will Need:

  • PV#

  • Proof of Federal EIN

  • Proof of State Income Tax ID Number

  • State Unemployment ID

  • Voided Check or Bank Statement with Business Name

  • Information on prior payroll, if applicable

If you do not have all of these documents and would like support, please reach out at or 406-396-9091.

You will only pay for the months that you process payroll!

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Contact us at


What is Payroll Processing?
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