Payroll Pilot

Saving Child Care Providers Time and Money by Processing Payroll

We are partnering with ADP to save you time and money on payroll! The pilot will be open to a limited number of child care programs who either currently do not have payroll or are interested in switching payroll providers.  The pilot is only open to programs with 10 or fewer staff.

As a pilot participant you will:

  • Receive payroll services for FREE for two months!

  • Receive discount on ongoing monthly fee

  • Submit timesheets to Raise Montana


Raise Montana and ADP will do the rest!


Tell me more about ADP

ADP is a payroll  management system that will allows you to:

  • Report New Employees to the state

  • Pay your employees

  • Calculate and withhold taxes

  • Make and reconcile tax deposits

  • Track and Record Sick Pay

  • Maintain auditable records for:

    • Workers’ Compensation

    • Healthcare tracking & compliance

    • IRS

    • EDD

    • Labor Board

ADP also offers staff health and retirement benefits that can be integrated into your payroll system!


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