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Business Series

Raise Montana staff have been trained by national experts, All Our Kin, to lead Family and Group child care business owners through a 10-week online course covering everything from contracts and policies to financial management.

Participants will receive 34 hours of ECP credit.


Community is an essential part of being a child care business and often Family & Group providers are the most isolated.

Check out the resource below to connect!

ECE Friendly Businesses

This directory is designed to save you time and connect you to businesses who are dedicated to supporting child care professionals throughout the state.  Raise MT has vetted these businesses and many offer special discounts for child care providers.

Click below to access the directory by topic or click below for the full directory!  Also, please  suggest a business we should add!

Emergency Preparedness

In-home child care businesses face unique challenges when it comes to emergency preparedness. As a child care professional, you are responsible for the safety and security of children within your home, and it is crucial to be prepared for various potential emergencies such as natural disasters, medical emergencies, or other unexpected events. 

Click below for Montana and National resources!


Our Resource Library is full of great resources for Montana providers designed to save you time and increase the quality of your program.


Check out our curated list just for Family & Group businesses and the full library below!


Family and Group child care programs are important trauma-informed champions for children, families and ECE professionals.  

Click below to check out our trauma-informed resources and email us to connect and learn more!

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