Child Care Programs: 
access Substitutes

It can often be a headache for child care programs to stay fully staffed. 

Substitutes are vital so that providers can attend professional development, get paperwork done, avoid the 5:30am scramble when someone calls off and take a much deserved vacation!

At this time, Raise Montana is piloting this program and is limiting participation. 

If you are interested please fill out this form
 and the substitute coordinator will be in touch soon.
  • We are currently piloting this program in Regions 5 & 6.  Click here to see if your program is in the pilot service area.

  • Programs must meet at least one of the following:

    • MT State Licensed​

    • Tribal Licensed

    • Head Start or Early Head Start Program

Watch our Provider town hall to learn more about Childcare Connect Montana

  • Is my program eligible?

    • We are currently piloting this program in the following counties: Glacier, Toole, Liberty, Pondera, Teton, Chouteau, Cascade, Judith Basin, Fergus, Petroleum, Hill, Blaine, Phillips, Valley, Daniels, Sheridan, Roosevelt, Garfield, McCone, Richland, Dawson, Prairie and Wibaux.

  • How do I know the substitutes are qualified?

    • Raise Montana screens all applicants and ensures they have completed all necessary training and state requirements.

  • Do I get to pick the substitute for the shift?

    • Yes, you post your open shift on an easy to use online platform.  You are notified when substitutes apply and you can review their bio, qualifications, etc. before choosing the right sub for you.

  • How are the subs paid?

    • You will pay the subs just like you do any of your other employees.  If you do not have payroll, please contact the Substitute Coordinator for support in setting up needed procedures.

  • How are wages determined? 

    • When posting a shift, child care providers will include information about their wage scale.   This may be an exact wage or a range depending on the qualities of the shift (float, Holiday, last minute call off, etc.).  Substitutes will be able to view the wage information and decide if they would like to apply.  When the provider chooses the sub for the shift, they will see the substitutes normal wage, which is determined by the substitute and the Substitute Coordinator based on region, qualifications and experience in ECE.  If the provider would like to offer a different wage than what the substitute has listed, then they may contact the substitute to discuss the wage.  If no discussion takes place, then the sub is paid at the wage indicated on their profile.

  • How much does this cost?

    • During our pilot program, the only expense you are responsible for paying is the agreed upon wage of the substitute.

  • What are substitute placements?

    • Participating programs will "purchase" substitute placements here.  Placements will be added to your account giving you access to the online substitute platform.  Because there are no fees associated with the pilot program, substitute placements are free. ​

  • Are these substitutes approved by licensing?

    • Yes, all substitutes are on the ECP Registry and attached to Raise Montana’s PV#. Raise Montana has all of the necessary paperwork for subs.  Both Child Care Licensing and the Early Childhood Services Bureau have approved of Childcare Connect Montana.

  • Do I need to get special liability insurance for subs?

    • No, your regular liability insurance will cover subs.  If you have concerns or specific policy questions, please contact the Substitute Coordinator for support.